Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New study area in the library!

We have begun the process of transforming part of the library's second level into a new collaborative study area. There are new upholstered chairs with laptop table arms, casters and a rear handle so they can easily be moved around the space. New tables and rolling task chairs make it easier to work with your classmates on group assignments. Rolling whiteboards, both standing and seated height, can help you write your ideas down as you brainstorm.

Soon we will have smaller, triangular tables on casters that you can position wherever you want in the area. There will also be more electrical outlets installed, as well as a place to charge your mobile devices. Over time, we'll build more study rooms and a presentation practice room. We're excited about providing a study space for you that you can transform to serve your needs!



  1. Is there going to be computers too?

  2. can hardly wait!!!

  3. Very nice!
    The UHCL computer labs have had those same, collaborative study setups, and I love them!
    It's great to see more areas like that.